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Careerchoice360 is India's first college course and exam selection providing complete details of college and course. Careerchoice360 is a one stop shop for all engineering ,medical ,management & Law related information needs. Now Understanding the need of the students, our experienced team has thought that we will organize such a education fair event Where all the state colleges /university of India will be under one roof. This event will be done in all the states of India. Through this, where students of engineering/medical/management all filds will get a chance to know about all the best to best colleges/university under one roof ,So the same colleges will have the opportunity to meet the students of every state of India and spread the publicity about their college all over India.Educational fairs Event provide prospective students with the opportunity to meet college/University representatives. A fair is an event where many applicants gather and the primary topic of discussion is education either in Undergrad or for Masters in Engineering/Management/Medical field.

Education events are one of the best places to get your study a journey started. These events are where you can meet a range of universities, all under one roof. It is an open opportunity to discuss your case one-on-one with the university representatives and a chance to interact freely as well. These events are a platform to discuss your study options, clarify your doubts on admission requirements, get information on scholarships, application process, accommodation, and much more. In short, an education event helps you receive information from the university representatives directly and can help you get a deeper insight into your study preferences.

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There are many benefits of attending the Education Fair, we are sharing some of the benefits with you.

1. Course advice:  University representatives can help you to understand more about your course selection at their respective universities. They can also give you a detailed insight about internships, work placements, course structure, accreditations, etc., to help decide on the right course and university.

2. Entry requirements:  requirements: These events help you assess your eligibility for respective universities. You will be able to clarify if any of the academic breaks, history of fails or other things would affect your admissions. If you seem like a promising student, some universities make a note on your application and forward your application to their concerned faculty for consideration.


3.  Scholarship opportunities: This is one of the best advantages of attending an international education fair. You can access information to a range of scholarships and


funding opportunities from the participating universities - all at one place! So you can find out the criteria, deadlines and how to apply right there.

4. Priority processing:  During most of our events, IDP hosts university representatives who have the authority to prioritise your application and present you with a letter of offer right there. So, if you qualify, you don't have to wait to receive the offer, you get it instantly without wasting any time. But yes, for that to happen, ensure you are carrying a copy of your academic and supporting documents.

5. Application fee waivers: If you want to save up on the application process, you can apply at one of the IDP international education events. At our events, most of the participating universities waive off their application fee ranging $50- $100 (depends on university/country) for students who apply at the event through IDP. And based on the number of applications you make, this is going to be a major cost saver.

6. Alumni contacts:  These events are an opportunity to get in touch with students already studying abroad. This helps you gather more details about the study methods and job opportunities abroad. When you visit an international education event, university representatives can help you to get in touch with some of the current students. In fact, at some events, IDP also invites its alumni to interact with students and help them understand about the life abroad.

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7. Educational seminars:  We have a team of experts who have been in the international education industry for years, and have in-depth knowledge about it. At most our events, we try to host a seminar by one or more of our experts for the students to help address their basic queries and apprehensions.  These seminars are free to attend and impart a lot of valuable and useful information for the students wanting to study abroad.

So, if you have the dream to study abroad, IDP will make sure you live it. Get your journey started, explore the events  nearest to you!